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CRGS - is it worth it

tl/dr: is Colchester Royal Grammar 6th form as good as it sounds?

So about a week ago I got a conditional offer from Colchester Royal Grammar School for 6th form, and they said that if I want to accept, I need to do so by the 8th March (tbh I'm not sure if that's like a binding agreement or if they're just checking I'm still interested).

Is it worth it though? I've heard lots of great things and a bunch of bad stuff too, but everyone does seem to agree that it's great in terms of the education itself. On the other hand, it's a pretty long journey, and the train would cost a fair bit, and then there's the dress code as well.

Plus I've had offers from three other schools, one of which is a bit less high achieving than CRGS (but is a lot more modern) and is still far away, and the other two are local (decent schools but nothing spectacular).

Basically is it worth it?
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Hi I'm a current Y12 at CRGS and the school is pretty good. We get some of the highest grades in the country and the A level predictions are usually pretty generous. What subjects are you planning on taking btw?
Oh, as an aside a Y13 I knew got into CRGS on GCSE results day. He didn't apply beforehand and just rang up the school with his results and they let him in.

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