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A-level Spanish IRP

heyy i'm just at the point of choosing my IRP topic for Spanish A-level and could use some advice! i am interested in spanish myths and legends and have learnt about several individual ones, but am unsure how to tie these together into a project title? i am also unsure if this is enough for a whole IRP. other subjects i am considering are the minority languages on the iberian peninsula/ a study of gaudí/ a book study
so lots of options
i'd love to do myths and legends though if people think its possible?
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I did Spanish last year and had to do an IRP. I don’t know much about Spanish myths and legends but it does sound interesting!

I think your best bet is to find a story that particularly interests you - maybe something that a lot of people disagree on. That way you can argue both sides, maybe assess the roots - maybe cultural or religious and draw your own conclusion.

One thing I think is good about this is that it’s super niche, so the likelihood of the examiner knowing about it is low and they won’t probe too deep. This should mean that the questions they ask are more general to your theme and hopefully easier to answer!
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