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Do aliens exist and have we been visited?

The USA are doing things about UAP’s or UFO’s and it seems like we could be getting close to the question have been visited and is there life out there.

I honestly feel like there is life out there with the amount of planets out there it just seems stupid to think that we are alone (no offence if you think that we are alone).

Weather we have been visited I don’t know but I think it’s highly possible if we have been visited and if there are aliens among us I don’t think there is any reason to worry right now not much will change if they are here all that will come out if they are here is we will have certainty one way or another. I’d like it if it was true we could have a cooperation of some sorts their tech could help us and I’m sure we could offer them something in return too.
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Extraterrestrials 100% exist and we 100% have been visited and are probably being observed right now. However, in our current state it wouldn’t be wise for them to reveal themselves and offer us advanced technology and the such, and they know this. You only need to look at how we treat other people, let alone beings from other planets. And fantastic films such as Arrival (2016) do a good job at illustrating how even good intentioned beings would cause mass panic and hysteria. And when you couple that with feeling vulnerable due to their technological and social superiority then you have a perfect storm that would likely be hugely detrimental to ourselves. And you’d also have the danger that many would begin to worship these beings as gods, which would be wey disempowering for us and so I think all of these reasons and more are why super advanced otherworldly beings choose to remain unseen from us until we’ve evolved to the point where we can interact with them maturely and constructively. For them it must be like adult scholars watching a bunch of unruly toddlers. Even just their very existence would have cataclysmic effects for most of the world’s societies that are ruled by Abrahamic religions. Suddenly beings from other planets who obviously don’t have the same religions, prophets, myths and so on…that would shatter the God delusion and our place in the universe for so many. No way, we’ve got a long way to go before advanced beings make open contact with us.
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I'm sure statistically there is life elsewhere in the universe, although the odds of them happening to come across and interact with Earth seems unlikely.

If for no other reason than I suspect to aliens capable of interstellar if not intergalactic travel, Earth is probably a lot like Staines - you're either from there or just passing by on the way to better places :tongue:
I certainly like to believe so
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I don't believe or trust anything that Americans say, or do.

Not to say aliens don't exist.
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The amount of stuff in the universe suggests that there are almost definitely weird things going on on other planets that we don’t know about. Carbon-based beings evolving from a self replicating molecule is just one of these weird things that would have been almost impossible to predict based on just looking at the universe, had we not been a result of the process!

People who believe in UFOs normally think that aliens will look similar to Earth evolved life with arms and legs and fly around on crafts similar to human made craft. Life on other planets could be so different to Earth life that our minds can’t even predict or understand it and for it to “visit” Earth is a concept that doesn’t even make sense.

All these resent sightings of UFOs are likely rubbish and conveniently always occur in restricted navy airspace. We have built amazing telescopes that can see distant stars but the best images we have of UFOs are dark and grainy, just like images of ghosts. It’s irrational nonsense spread by popular irrational celebrities like Russell Brand.
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