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Here are my tops tips for graduate jobs

I know that applying for jobs can be exhausting. People always ask me how I've managed to secure multiple grad scheme, right after graduating. I thought I could make a post to help others out. Here are my top tips:

1. persistence; it will be hard, you will face lots of rejections but keep going. Rejection is normal. Don't ever give up. Be motivated and push yourself.

2. Network: talk to people, ask professional for coffee, attend social events, ask intriguing but genuine questions. Especially attend application and insight events. Reach out to employees and others to learn more about the company and process. you can also possibly ask employees for recommendations or referrals to increase your chances of interviews.(The worse that can happen, is that they won't reply or say no)

3. Volunteering: I know its hard getting experience nowadays, but something simple as Volunteering can give you lots of experience for your CV. Try and gain different types of volunteering.

4. Confidence and pushing comfort zones: Being happy and Confident in your abilities, especially during interviews can help you stand out. pushing your comfort zone can create more opportunity.

5. time management: having a strict schedule like an application tracker can help you balance your job applications and interviews, while studying at the same time. Especially if your looking to apply for grad schemes, start looking and applying in early August/ October.

6. Be greedy/competitive: Do not let go of any opportunity, Even if its an interview tommorow, or an opportunity to chat with professional or to gain some experience. Small steps can lead to the goal.

7. Apply through the company: This is really important and one of my biggest tip is to not waste your time on third party websites but actually apply on the company websites itself. Your more likely to hear an reply and not waste your time.

8. practise makes perfect: practise online application tests, it will help you get the hang of it and make you more prepared for the actual ones.

9. CV: keep your CV simple and brief, with few bullet points. learn to summarise your experience. Ask professionals for advice. (one of reasons why I was rejected before, was due to a long CV).

10. Thrive to get into as much interviews and AC: Even if you don't pass it, use it as an mock test. Having the experience of doing lots of interviews and Assessment centres can help you gain practise and experience. You will soon learn the pattern and get the hang of it.

11. Be open minded: Be open to different job opportunities, rather than a set career or graduate scheme. See it as an way to explore your career options and apply to multiple jobs at the same time. Its not the end of the world, as you will get your foot into the door.

12. Realise your human: I want people to understand that it will be anxiety inducing, not easy and can be stressful. It totally normal to feel like this during the application process. Everyone is going through this.

If your 1st/2nd year uni students - use this time to build your CV and gain as much experience as possible. Do volunteering and look at what you can do in uni. Try and get into insight days and events.

If your final year student- start applying to as much grad scheme/jobs early as possible, and manage your time well! If you don't have any experience, I suggest you start doing something.

Sorry for the long post but I hope it helps others. Please feel free to reach out.
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