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AP Exams for Cambridge

I am from the US, and I am thinking of applying to Cambridge for engineering for a start in 2024. The admissions site says that I need 5 APs, but I have a couple of questions regarding this since I've seen so many things on the internet.

1) Do all the APs need to be related to my course?
2) Will my APs from sophomore year count (since they were taken in May 2022)
3) I am taking more APs this year, so how would that work for a conditional offer while I'm waiting for my exam results?

The APs that I have taken with a score of 5 are: AP Human Geography (2021), AP Statistics and AP World History (2022), AP Chemistry, AP Physics I, AP Language and Composition, and AP US History (2023).

This year, I'm taking AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics 2, AP Calculus BC, AP Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, and AP Macroeconomics.
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Email a college you're interested in applying to within Cambridge. I suspect you're going to need Calculus. See this guidance from Christ's for example

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