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Finding a part-time job in Leicester

Hello everyone! :smile:

Looking for a job for the first time, at a new location, or during an academic year can sound overwhelming. However, many of you may face this task soon. From my experience, it is not as difficult as it seems. With the tips I have prepared for you today, it will go even easier and faster.

1. Go and hunt for a job

When I came to Leicester I applied for at least 20 jobs online while I distributed maybe 10 CVs to stores and restaurants. Guess how many people have reached out to me online. Maybe three, and the same number called me after receiving my resume. From that moment, I know that looking for a simple part-time job as a student brings the best results when you walk around town and hand in your CV in person.

2. Be flexible and open-minded

Remember, this is just a casual job to support you financially. It will not fulfil your career aspirations, especially when you have no experience. Therefore, do not be discouraged in certain positions until you try. You may turn out to be excellent at working under pressure at a fast-food restaurant, even though you thought you could not cope in a busy environment. You can always quit a job, and by rejecting offers at the very beginning because of barriers, you not only reduce the likelihood of finding a job, but you also do not earn money.

3. There is no room for mistakes in your CV

When I was handing in my resume, I do not think anyone asked me for a cover letter. Therefore, make sure that your CV is error-free, contains only relevant information and is created according to the model example. As a DMU student, you have access to digital tools that include ready-made templates, check your CV and give you instant feedback. In addition, you can make an appointment with a member of the Careers Team, who will also offer you professional help with your CV. So, do not be afraid to use the available support!

4. A potential employer creates a first impression of you within seconds

Therefore, when you are invited to an ‘interview,’ which in the case of an ordinary student job, will rather take the form of an informal conversation, shine already at the entrance with the appropriate clothing, confident moves and handshake, a smile on your face and enthusiasm in your voice. Then answer the questions substantively, be polite, and tell something interesting about yourself. That way you will be remembered impeccably.

5. The magic of Unitemps

Unitemps is a recruitment agency operating independently of the DMU but with an on-campus branch. The organisation provides diverse job offers for students, graduates and professionals. Vacancies at DMU, including the position of student ambassador, are advertised there. You can also check for vacancies at nearby universities or remote jobs. I have applied through Unitemps for the student ambassador role and it is the best job I have ever had in Leicester. Now that I finished my second year and have gained some impressive experience, I regularly review the offers appearing on Unitemps in search of a new challenge that will allow me to develop further.

There is an ocean of jobs available in Leicester, so do not worry about looking for a job too much. With the help of the above tips, you will find a source of income faster than you think :biggrin:

I hope that was helpful! :wink: If you have any questions, I am more than happy to answer them. You can also chat with me and other student ambassadors on The Ambassador Platform here.

Take care,

Julia :h:

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