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doing extra circular

hi, I just finished my GCSE's (still waiting for my results) and am now entering into sixth form. The subjects I am taking is maths, economic and biology. However I am keen on doing computer science for my future career but they didn't offer it in my sixth form and going to a different college or sixth is extremely inconvenient. I was wondering if I was to apply for a job or go to university would I need an extra circular for computer science to show I am interested. Also I have another question: is it better to go to university and have a debt or go for a degree apprenticeship?
Thanks I really appreciate your time.
Sons friend just got into Oxford to study maths and cs with no cs a level so it’s possible

Even with an a level in cs, it’s a good idea to have super curricular activities in the subject you want to study

Many people are considering apprenticeship degrees, especially for cyber security so it’s a valid choice (earn while you learn and also have demonstrable experience)

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