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ORIEL preferencing (pharmacy)


I am currently choosing my foundation training preferences. I have previously enjoyed hospital placements more than community, and for this reason I wanted to do it during my first 6 months (4th year), since I have heard that it is more 'difficult' than community (which I wanted to do as a split between GP and community pharmacy in more second year/5th year). The problem is, I have heard that hospital provides more opportunities for one to improve on their clinical knowledge, which seems to be a better option if we are considering pre-reg (which I have heard to be more clinically based/ beyond common ailments seen in community).
I would very much appreciate it if you can give me some input on your experience during foundation training and how it has helped in preparation for the pre-reg exam, as to quite recently, I have been wanting to do hospital first (but considering the fact that it will be more helpful in preparation for the pre-reg, is it better to leave it to a nearer time?)
Many thanks.

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