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Pharmacy at Kingston University stalker

Hello everyone,

I'm reaching out for help regarding my pharmacy journey at Kingston University. I recently received my Level six results in MPHARM, and passing brought a sigh of relief. However, the road ahead holds more challenges, with two more years including training.

A few months ago, I decided to end a brief relationship with someone due to some red flags. Little did I know that this decision would lead to a series of unsettling events over the past five months. This person has become increasingly persistent, sending odd messages on social media, following me around, and even damaging my car window during a fit of anger. Despite addressing the situation, the person's apologies and vague explanations haven't stopped the concerning behavior. Their belief that some higher power meant for us to be together only adds to the distress.

These events have shattered my sense of security and left me feeling overwhelmed. I'm considering a transfer to a different university and a fresh start, regardless of distance. Even the idea of moving as far as 150 miles away to places like Yorkshire or Brighton doesn't faze me it seems like the only way to break free from this situation.

Completing my third year in the MPharm program at Kingston University feels bittersweet. I'm left wondering if the GPHC Council would understand my desire to transfer and continue my Level 7 Masters in Pharmacy elsewhere. More than just academics, this move signifies a chance to regain my peace of mind and escape the anxiety that has taken over my life. The toll on my mental health has been heavy, The toll on my mental health has been immense, and I live in constant fear, haunted by stories of others who faced similar situations and ended up as cautionary tales in the news.

I'm sharing my story in the hope of finding guidance and support during this difficult time. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand my situation.
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Also doing MPharm at Kingston.
That's unacceptable behaviour and completely unprofessional considering we're all doing a pharmacy course.

Why move and make your life difficult because of that person. They're in the wrong and they should be the one facing difficult consequences.
Besides, I'm not not sure moving unis for this course at any level is allowed.

The uni has loads of support for this kind of stuff and you can talk to them in confidence. No action has to be taken unless you want them to. Talk to your personal tutor if they're the type to be helpful, I know some them might be terrible with this sort of thing. If you don't want to tell your PT, there' more support out there::
- (if the link doesn't work. go to My Kingston and then: My Kingston > Support > Student Wellbeing Hub > Counselling and Wellbeing)

Hope they can help. This is a stressful year for us from Oriel to completing our last year in uni, so I wish you the best
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