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Oxford law with dodgy AS levels but good rpedicted

basically, I want to study Law at Oxford. My GCSES are 9999999888. My AS levels are A (Econ), B (1 mark away from A Maths), B (1 mark away from A Comp Sci) and a C in history (No idea what happened there as History is my best subject that I've consistently been getting A's in all year. Requested the paper and may re-mark.)
After speaking with teachers, I. think there's a good chance my predicted is a A*A*A (I plan to drop CS), since the C in history was pretty much an anomaly, and my Maths grade was one off an A (and ive already sent in application for a re-mark)
Is Oxford a pipe dream now considering these AS grades? Like I said, I'm pretty sure my predicted will be good based on all the other mocks/tests I've done, it's just that I have very dodgy results.

Anyone know how long OCR re-marks take?
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Your school is so generous.
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Original post by maggiewu
Your school is so generous.

They are tbf but these grades were an anomaly like all year I've been doing much better

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