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Hi, as of current, it’s very likely that I will be graduating with a high 2.2 (almost 2.1) due to my university’s policies and grading system. However, I have been doing legal work with top law firms for the last 2 years, and I will have another post graduate legal qualification by the time I come to apply for an LLM at QUML. I also am very involved with the law society at my university. QUML requires a 2.1, but would I still be able to apply and actually have a chance of getting in at QUML? Thank you!
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Hi QMUL LLM has an alternative entry requirement. You can check their website.

In a nutshell, if you hold 2:2 but has "substantial professional legal experience may also qualify"

I am not sure how many years of working experience will be considered as "substantial" but i believe that if you have at least 5 years in legal profession, you are in a good position.

I hold 2:2 but has 6 years in law firms. I have got to QMUL's LLM by this approach.
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