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Gcse rs short course

Hi I’m in year 10 right now going into year 11 and I got a grade 7 for my rs half gcse(2 marks off a grade8) next year when I do the other half is there a chance I can get a grade 8?
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Not quite sure what you mean when you say you are going to 'do the other half'. Either your school has an unusual system in place which I have never seen before, or more likely than that, you probably have a misunderstanding concerning the meaning of Short Course RS. If the latter is the case, I can give a brief explanation.

Short course RS is a GCSE qualification with reduced content that many across the country attempt in year 10 instead of year 11. The grade you get at the end of year 10 on results day is the final result - there is nothing else after this point that will change the grade (no 'second half') - you have finished the qualification. You may have read somewhere, however, that short course RS is considered half a GCSE by academic institutions, hence the misunderstanding. This is true, because (as previously mentioned) short course RS has reduced content so is not considered a full GCSE. I will reiterate though to be clear: short course RS is CONSIDERED half a GCSE, but as of now you are FINISHED with the subject.

Anyways, moving on to the question of whether you can improve your grade, yes it is possible to do so with a remark. I would advise the following:

- Ask your exams officer to request a copy of your exam scripts
- Study the exam scripts and talk to your subject teacher (send them a copy so they can look at it too): ask them whether it is likely that you will get extra marks or not
- If your teacher thinks you have a good chance of gaining marks and hence getting a better grade, then request a REMARK of your exam (not a clerical check of whether marks have been added-up correctly)
- If all goes well you may get an improved grade

I was in a similar position to you last year: I got a 7 and was 1 mark off an 8. After remarking I gained 13 marks and went up to a 9. I cannot guarantee you will see such a significant change, you may only gain a few marks, but it is definitely worth doing.

Good luck!

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