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A-level Re or A-level history or English lit ?

I’ve just done my GCSEs and I originally chose to study history psychology and RE at A-level. I got into all of those courses however I got lower in history than I did in English lit, so I do t know wether i should still take it; and if I should do English lit instead of RE as I don’t see where RE can take me. I’ve been interested in history ever since I was little and never got a low grade on it until my mocks and my GCSE exam. I also have no idea what I want to do job wise maybe archivist or journalist or something along those lines maybe psychology related. Any suggestions?
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A level RE isn't a prerequisite for any career - but then neither is A level History or Psychology.

If you dont know what you want to do after A levels, then pick 3 subjects that you will enjoy studying - because a) that means Sixth Form might actually be some fun, and b) you are more likely to get good A levels grades if you are interested in what you are studying.
Hi there,
All imma say is GCSE grades for any subject don't always mean a lot, in regards to using them as deciding factors for whether you should do a subject at A-Level.. I got a 9 in Lit and I don't do it at A-level and a lot of people from my skl who took it, regret it and don't actually enjoy it.
Look at the specs for all of your options and then imagine studying that for 2 years. Do the units and modules actually interest you?
I do RE A-Level, and it's really fascinating, it actually goes well w/ Psych as well.

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