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Ib advice needed urgent help!!!

I’m looking to get a high earning salary in the future after uni, I originally planned to go into medicine but I did not get the 7s in what I needed I have applied to go to an IB sixth form. I need help picking my subjects HL and SL that will allow me in the future to get a high earning job. I need help picking. (Side note am I still able to study medicine at a good uni if not I need info on other career paths and what subjects are recommended for them. I’ve heard corporate lawyers and traders can have a good salary but I need more info)
These are my grades
Business 8
Mathematics Option H 6
Geography 7
Biology Tier H 6
Chemistry Tier H 6
Physics Tier H 6
Spanish Tier H 7
English Language 7
English Literature 7
Religious Studies Route B 9
Try stem for high paying jobs, choose high level sciences and maths you'll be fine. Try consulting your teachers/coordinator for this as well.

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