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What strategy should I use for year 2?

Hi everyone, any m24 students out there? I need some advice on how I should approach my assignments and when should I finish them. I'm starting year 2 in two weeks and I haven't done any major assignments besides most of my va cs, I have studied well for my Eng B IO, and I have my Turkish A HLE, ENG EE, Maths AI IA, visual arts exhibition (HL) & process portfolio, bio IA and TITC (history) IA. I also want to take time to prepare for exams for my dream college in april.
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Hey not m24 but m23 here. I would recommend you finish the assignments as soon as possible, as it usually gets in the way of fully focusing on exam preparation and revision. You still have two weeks, so I highly recommend you finish your assignments that have a closer deadline. When work piles up it seems like a lot but when you finish it one by one it should be less overwhelming. Plan your next two weeks to your fullest, and as soon as you finish the assignments, start preparing for your exam.
Hope this helps! Good luck :smile:

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