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I’m a mature student about to start a social work degree and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to survive uni as a 40 year old? 👵🏻😂

Im nearly 32 and in my 3rd year of uni. Honestly I think its been better going to uni a little bit older, you are more sure of yourself and have learnt how to cope with stress. Juggling working and university hasnt been easy but I have managed to do it whilst maintaining good grades. I just try to keep organised, everything I have going on is put into my google calendar (work, uni lectures, appointments, meetings, important dates, assignments etc), that way at least I wont forget anything. I haven't found any problems with being older in my lectures, I manage to get along with everyone and there are a few students older than me.

I would just say if you are struggling with anything at uni, make sure you ask for help, there is so much help available whether it be academic, personal, financial, mental health etc, there are lots of resources at your disposal so dont be afraid to ask. Take notes via laptop or on paper, whatever works best for you, ready around your subjects and dont leave your assignments until the last minute because it will stress you out! Most of all, enjoy yourself!!

I hope this helps, anything else I can help with please ask :smile:

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