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advice on access arrangements gcse please?

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Original post by caeli.rue
I’m starting y11 and I have 25% extra time and the choice of a word processor for my gcses.

Its been so, so helpful so far, as i already use it for essay based exams but Id really like to hear your experiences and opinions on using it for the following subjects:

sciences (bio, chem and physics, i do triple)
music (the written exam which includes listening excercises)

You are unlikely to get extra time in music and the listening exercises sometimes require you to write on a stave which may be an issue if using a word processor. There is not much writing in music, for the exam board I did the two longest questions were extended answer 9 and 6 markers so it may be beneficial for that but it may not be possible. For sciences there are some questions where you may have to draw on a graph and do maths which may cause issues if using a word processor. I would recommend talking to your school about it and seeing what is possible.

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