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A Level Bio help (Edexcel B)

hiii I'm currently in year 13, studying English Literature, Biology and French. My grades in both English and French are fine (currently actively getting B/Cs consistently), but I'm really struggling with Bio and I got an E the entire way through year 12; does anyone have any resources or advice for how to improve my grade?? It's really stressing me out. I don't even want to study Bio at uni either so it's holding me back without even being necessary. :')
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i'm currently resitting biology a level rn because i did horribly (mostly because i didn't revise until very late, not because i found it too hard) all my friends got A/ A* so i'll tell you the advice they gave me. find a good youtuber to cover content, miss estruch is good but she's based around aqa, i think most of edexcel content is still covered though by her. after watching videos is arguably the most important part, just blurt all the content on a page based on the video you just watched. i used to think this concept was so stupid up till a couple weeks ago when i started revising after my results, just write down every single thing you can remember, whatever you don't remember cover the content again to solidify. do this same blurting method around a week or two later for the same topic to see what stayed in your head, yet again go over what you don't remember. lastly, just do as many questions as possible and memorise the mark scheme, you may know all of the content but the mark scheme is very specific and even if you describe something perfectly in your answer, it may not be present in the mark scheme. honestly just repetition is key, there's so much content that you need to keep on top of it from the start of the year onwards. don't worry if you don't know the content so well right now, make sure to start early and you should be fine. lastly, don't make the same mistake as me and start revising only 1-2 months before the exams because by this point people will have already finished the content and have finished almost every question available whereas you'll be still struggling to understand to retain knowledge and won't have time to do the most important part of mastering a level biology, rinsing and repeating exam questions. hope this helps!

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