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Has anyone studied a Foundation Year at University? Computer Science at Exeter.

Despite poor GCSEs and limiting A-level options, I got into the Russel Group University I was hoping for (Exter) with A*AC.

However, less than a week from arrival I have recently come to regret my choice of Communications. I’m considering switching to Computer Science, but don’t have the Maths A-level required therefore may take a foundation year.

I’m stuck on if this is the right option for me and bla bla bla. Realistically an extra year of university would be worth the amount of money I’d be making when comparing Computer Science to Communications.

I’m wondering for those who took a foundation year, what was it like?

Do you regret the choice?

Would you recommend it?

Did anyone care you were doing a foundation year?

Is the university experience the same? I am very social and want to still experience uni despite the foundation year.

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Yeah... I have no clue either but I'm planning to go to Exeter foundation too. I already have an acceptance letter from surrey (a non foundation year mind you), but I still plan to take exeter's foundation year if I get accepted. I feel like this extra year will be very helpeful as it may be nice to ease into things (hopefully) and also be able to work more independently on personal projects that arent necessarily tied to the course.

Hope this helps in some way.
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