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igcse edexcel english coursework - plagiarism?

im in year 11, handed in my inspector calls coursework last year, checked multiple times on plagiarism checking sites before handing in, changing/paraphrasing anything that might've been similar. but i've been very worried since i have done research online for it (my teacher said its allowed, told us to just change the wording) but im afraid i might still somehow get in trouble.

today my english teacher brought it up and said if we actually plagiarised in our work we have to tell her and change it. made me feel even more anxious so i went to check it again and it showed that there’s this one sentence that is exactly the same as the one on this random quizlet, that i might have missed out on when i was checking before. I’ve been so so worried about this and this had only made it worse. the whole essay had only a very small percentage of plagiarism and i don’t know if im overreacting but im not sure what to do now

my exam board is igcse edexcel. sorry if this was a bit long - i am worried sick and i've tried to summarise it as much as i could ;(
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At GCSE and only one sentence, I'm sure it's fine, don't worry. Teachers make a big deal of it cos it's important, but the main thing is learning what counts as plagiarism and attributing your sources (of ideas and findings). If you didn't actually copy/paste anything then one random sentence from a quizlet isn't really going to trigger any alarms at GCSE level, I'd think.

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