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A level english literature edexcel coursework

My english literature coursework was handed in three months ago without a bibliography. Will it be automatically considered plagiarism and therefore cause disqualification without this now - my teacher hasn’t said anything but i know that’s the case in edexcel history. Help!!!!!!

I am not too sure why your teacher has not said anything about a bibliography, as from memory I believe any A level or B-TEC coursework I did, I had to have a bibliography at the end no matter the exam board. Best thing I would recommend would be to ask your teacher about it and see if you can add it in. Coursework grades are not sent off until the summer term I believe (don't quote me on this, as I could be wrong), so there may likely be time for you to add a bibliography. Just ask and email your teacher if you are that worried about it :smile:

I hope you get this sorted.

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