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Making The Grade

I know TSR is bound to ignite all this talk about what grades people got in the subjects they've taken a GCSE, A-Level or at university, but I think there's too much emphasis on disappointment stemming from not getting the grades you hoped to achieve.

Never think that just because you didn't get the grades you wanted, that you're not good enough. When you grow into an adult, grades and trying to impress people begins not to matter. You don't need to prove anything to anybody, unless you feel within yourself that you have to.

When I was in school I felt I needed to prove myself to my teachers that I wasn't some boy with developmental difficulties. I felt underestimated because I was projected mostly Es at GCSE (or whatever the equivalent is now), but I went on to surpass and blow those expectations out of the water. Then if that wasn't enough, I failed Functional Skills twice (the worst subject I've ever taken probably), and yet I still managed to get the good grades to get into university. After that, I studied Film and English and got a 1st Class Degree, showing that what people expected from me is shallow and inaccurate.

In order to get what you want, sometimes you have to fall and then rise from the ashes and become stronger than you ever were before. Don't worry about exams, worry about who you want to be and what you want to do.

School teaches us about a narrow pool of subjects and a mindset geared towards success, without encouraging other avenues and perspectives. They want you to be obedient workers at a warehouse or a supermarket or any job where you have a boss to answer to.

No matter what educational institution you're in, it's not about the teachers, your friends, and it's not even about your family- it's about YOU. If you don't make it about you or you focus on others' successes, then being happy with yourself is harder.

Sorry for another elongated post, but I felt compelled to get this out in the open.

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