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does anyone know of a tutor for all three AQA GCSE sciences - im working at around a 4-5 and am in y11 and want to get at least a 7
I'm not a science tutor, but I got 7+ in all three sciences and I believe you can gain the 2 or 3 grades you want without a tutor as there are lots of free materials online for GCSE students now.

My advice to you is to go to AQA's website and download the specification for each science.

The content for the course will all be there which makes it easy to work through it a little at a time everyday.

The first step is to learn that content inside out (you could slowly work your way through a section everyday and make flashcards to test yourself or make mindmaps to remember it).

If there is something you don't understand on the specification then look it up on Bitesize or YouTube and it will explain it to you for free.

Once you have learnt the content, then you can practice past paper questions (these are also on the AQA website) which will improve your exam technique. Answer the questions, then look at the markscheme to see what you missed and add these questions to your flashcards.

If you make sure your maths and English are also good then you should be able to get 7+ in your science papers.

Good luck, I hope this helps you! :smile:

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