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How to revise for grade 9's in GCSE

Is this good for gcse grade 9 revision:

Science (aqa) - Reading the CGP textbook, and FSL only for practicals
Maths (edexcel) - Watching Maths Tutor and Past papers
Computer Science (ocr)- CS Newb + CGP
English Lit and Lang (aqa) - Mr Everything English + CGP Guides
German (edexcel)- Just learning vocab + tenses,etc
History (aqa) - CGP Books
RE (aqa) - Ben Wardle
I did AQA GCSE Triple Science and all I used to learn the content was FSL. I watched the video and typed out everything he said word for word. Then I crossed referenced with the specification to make sure I didn't miss anything out. I copied this onto another document and I then put a question above each bullet point and it was essentially 1 big flashcard along with notes which had the same content without the question and I repeated this for every science. I am not joking when I said all I used to learn content was free science lessons along with past papers and questions and I got 998.
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Okay. I'm just a little confused whether to use cgp or fsl
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help i have the same problem - i have a good method for content heavy subjects - use ur revision guides and write out a flashcard with say five questions per card and answers on the back - u should have each subject done within a week now test yourself daily on each flashcard once you have mastered a full flashcard you can put it in a test weekly pile so that the ones you got wrong shall be tested daily and ones your more confident with will still be tested but less (once or twice per week). When i say include even the smallest pieces of info i mean it - it helps loads - I started using this method recently and it really works - Good Luck with your GCSE's mine are thus year! :frown:
I think this method is rlly useful for those of u who are still in yr 9 - if u do one flashcard at the end of each lesson your revision notes shall practically write itself by the time your in year 11 you'll be at all A's
This is defo a method imma use for A-Levels
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Okay. I'm just a little confused whether to use cgp or fsl

I read through the content for topics I didnt understand from the CGP book but I had good understanding for most topics so for me it was just a matter of memorising the content which FSL was the best for as he went into just the right amount of detail as well as getting straight to the point and didnt waffle like CGP. I never used CGP to make notes or flashcards but just read through the revision guide. I think it depends on your level of understanding because you don't want to be in a position where you dont understand it and jump straight to memorising because thats not gonna be helpful at all. Alot of people around me just use FSL, spec and past papers and got 9s as well but again its personal for everyone.

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