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Pharmacy pre reg advice needed

Hi I am just looking for some advice as I am unsure whether to continue with pharmacy. I completed my degree and then completed my pre reg for a year but failed my pre reg exam a total of 3 times. I had to appeal one of the exams so it means I have one more chance to do it, however I have to do another 6 months pre reg training before I can do it. I recently had a baby who is 8 months now and I feel that I have lost all heart for pharmacy because I work so hard every time and keep failing the exam. I don't know if it's worth trying anymore but i feel like if I don't do it the whole degree was a waste of time as there isn't much you can do with the degree on its own. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it thank you :smile:
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Dear Colleen,
From your post It seems like you are quite disheartened and are feeling fed up, you have a young baby and are working as a pre-reg which can be overwhelming without a baby. I just want to say that you have done phenomenally well to get as far as you have done and you should be very proud of yourself regardless of the outcome.

My advice is to continue trying to pass as now is the best time whilst the knowledge is fresh in your mind and you are young (also the exams may change in the future as pharmacists become prescribers straight out of university). Maybe try to reflect on why you haven't passed and ask for support from a colleague/friend to help pass the exam. Don't be afraid to just speak to people and tell them how you are feeling like your close family or friends, if you have any, for moral support. Stay positive many people fail but what makes the best people are the ones that try again and don't give up. Nobody will know how many times it took you to pass and nobody will care (like driving tests) so you will have the same career prospects as others.

A fundamental reason I want you to try again is that you will be able to work much better paying jobs and have much more job flexibility which is key when you have a young baby - once your a qualified pharmacist. An example is a relative of mine who had a baby recently and is now working from home full time and making a very good salary. This will allow you to be self sufficient and provide a better life for your child.

I know your a hard worker it shows from your post, but everyone has tough times - ride it out and keep hustling for yourself and your child.

I hope this helps you if you have any questions please let me know,
Kind regards,

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