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Guys, I will be going to start my A levels in 2024 after re-sitting my GCSE as I moved to the UK during the pandemic and middle of Year 10 and I couldn't catch up with everything also the language was new to me so when I sat my GCSE this summer I failed most of them like 5 subjects including maths and english.
I've always been a top student in my country (ITALY) before moving here... anyways, now that I'm really motivated and ready I decided to resit GCSE so that I can do my 1st choice A-level subjects so that I could do medicine at a top University which has always been my dream. The problem is that I have never done any extracurricular activity in my life like I did but not sports-related you know what I mean some ppl going to Oxford would say they did tennis, basketball, etc... But I never did any sport. Now that I'm in Year 11, 17 years old I don't whether I should do or not any sport to make my personal statement more interesting and acceptable by Top Unis or should I just focus on studying for my GCSE resits??? I want to do well and do whatever is needed to get into a good Uni. Is it possible for me to just do some work experience and volunteer in a hospital or anything next year after I've done my GCSE?? Would that be enough for a strong application to a top Uni such as Oxbrige for medicine?
Believe I feel so depressed and sad sometimes but I never let that demotivate me because I know that step by step I will be able to achieve what I want...
What do you think?
Please let me know
Thank you
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