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Don't take Biomed at westminster uni

Just as a warning I wouldn't bother with Biomed at this university if you have a specific interest in mind. It might be accredited but unlike most universities, they railroad you into your final year project, with no thought or consideration of giving their students a choice in their dissertation subject/topic.

Maybe you want to go on and do medicine and try and do a more clinical-based final project? Or you're interested in data and want to focus on genetics and bioinformatics? or maybe you want to get stuck into histopathology in a lab-focused project? Those projects all exist but you won't have any control over what you do.

Any attempt to object to this will be met with "we don't think it will be possible for you to switch" and their excuse for presenting students with no choice is "there are too many students to account for". Are you telling me that a course based around scientific study and data-driven choices couldn't possibly figure out how to make their student's choices matter... I won't mention how you get all this for only 9k a year, because unis really don't like you mentioning that you're paying for the course.

Other unis do actually account for your choices, in some you're even borderline guaranteed 1 of the 3 specific projects you chose, will be allocated to you. In the case of Westminster, it seems they'd prefer to cater to nobody and don't care how adversely this may affect their student's feelings, than attempt to help them pursue their interests and passions.

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