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When can i drink alcohol after getting my nipples and eyebrows pierced?

Hi! I'm getting my nipples & eyebrows pierced on the 17th of October but on the 20th of October I'm going to a speed dating event and on the 25th of October I'm going to a wine tasting event where i'll be drinking alcohol at both events until i'm tipsy/drunk ( not completely drunk!)My question is will this hinder the healing process of my piercings? After getting pierced, how many days/weeks do I have to wait before I can drink alcohol? Because the speed dating event will be only 3 days after I got pierced and the wine tasting event 1 week after getting pierced. Will it be too soon for me to drink? If i do drink what will happen? Wil lanything bad happen? Will i have to get my piercing removed and get pierced again ( due to the swelling or any potential complications)?

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