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Applying for Chem with English, Chem, and Math at HL

Hi everyone! I'm a Y2 IB student who's looking to apply to UK universities. I have a 41 predicted with a 766 in HLs (also predicted). I'm looking to apply to Chemistry, but the predicted 7 I have in my HLs is English. (If it helps, I have a predicted 7 in Physics SL).

I'm looking to apply to one or two unis with a minimum entry of 666 and a 38 overall, but they require an HL6 in chem and math (which I have so far). I'm worried that taking English Lit has disadvantaged me in my applications, though I've done very well in that class and justify my choice in my personal statement (I want to become a scientific journalist, so figured HL English would serve me well).

I hit all the entry requirements, but I'm still worried, as these are competitive universities (UCL & St. Andrews). (These are my 'risky' choices.) How important is my overall in comparison to my HLs? I know that most people applying will have 3 STEM HLs/3 STEM A-Levels, so I'm a little bit worried....

Thank you!
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I'm also an International student--don't know if that has any bearing on the question, but just FYI.
I’m studying medicine having took Bio, Chem and English Lit at HL and wasn’t disadvantaged at all. Provided you meet the specific subject requirements you should be fine :smile: It’s great that you linked English to the career you wish to pursue too. Just FYI, I have found English Lit incredibly helpful thus far at uni as we’ve had medical humanities and philosophy essay submissions and now have to write reflections every day so I think it will serve you well too
Unis that just specify two required subjects will not care what subject you take as a third HL. If they did they'd tell you.
As an example - Bath - - '36 points overall and 6, 6, 5 in three Higher Level subjects including 6 in Chemistry and 5 in a second science or mathematics course'. All they want is the other HL grade - in any subject.

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