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What are the best apps to help study

starting A-levels and i wanted to know the best apps to help study and get teachers notes?
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True that, what else does one need?
In seriousness though (continued seriousness, the app is a must haha), it depends on your subjects and stuff. For example, do you find apps better than a notebook? As it's always worth trying out just plain notetaking (especially with methods like Cornell Notes).
If you prefer digital notes, it might be worth checking out something like Obsidian or Notion which are really useful for note-taking. And are easily sorted.
Subject-specific apps are dependent on what you're doing, obviously. Again if you like digital stuff some sort of LaTeX processor might be worth considering (the former note taking apps do have this functionality built in, too).
You might want some flashcard apps, or apps to help you focus your study, e.g. with timetabling.

Really, a bit more info is perhaps required for more advice? E.g. subjects, what you want the apps to do, etc..
Hope some of this is of assistance! Best of luck :smile:

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