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A-Level English Lit Coursework Text Help

Basically, for my English Lit coursework, my class’ set text is “The Lonely Londoners” by Sam Selvon. I was originally going to compare this with “Dubliners” by James Joyce, which worked well but I found that my points for comparison weren’t very nuanced or interesting & it just didn’t appeal to me. I decided that I might switch my text to “Berg” by Ann Quin & have written up a basic plan & it works well, however I’m concerned that choosing a more obscure text may limit my AO5. E.G, I can find critics discussing the novel in its cultural context as well as contemporaneous critics from the 60s etc. and there are a few instances of applying literary theory to the novel e.g Feminist, but I’m worried that this isn’t enough.

Is it worth using this text? The points of comparison are interesting & the literary context of both are interesting to compare, I guess I’m just worried that there aren’t enough critical interpretations available.

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