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Found dental work experience a bit boring

Hi all,

Did anyone else have this experience when doing work experience? I recently did a few days of work experience at a community dental clinic. I found the procedures and hands on work to be really interesting especially when the dentist explained them.

But when the dentist was doing admin/paper work I felt very bored, I just sat there and I couldn't do much (bcs of health & safety). I asked questions but they were very busy when doing admin work & all I could do was observe, I kind of felt like a hinderence. Did anyone else have this experience? Is it normal to be bored sometimes during work experience?

Also I did get quite bored from observing for 8 hours but I think actually doing the work is a lot more interesting. Is it normal to get bored from observing for a long period of time?

Did any dental students/dentists (or any other professions) have the same experience?
How would you compare observing the work to actually doing it?
Any responses are welcome, I'd also like to hear people who did other types of work exps
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