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Kallisto's Saturday Question: Halloween!

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What is your favorite costume? (3 votes!)

Ghost 15%
Monster 12%
Witch/Wizard 27%
Skeleton 8%
Pirate 8%
King/Queen 8%
Ghoul 4%
Mummy 4%
Vampire 8%
The Grim Reaper8%
Total votes: 26
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And before someone couldn't read it in the poll, here it is written in big letters and bold print:

3 Votes allowed!
I don't celebrate Halloween but I can try answer in general terms.

Do you like to watch horror films at Halloween?
I have watched some horror films like the Omen.

Are you going to Halloween parties?

Do you like to wear a spooky costume?
Not really. Never been my thing

Do you buy sweets to give them to children?

Have you ever been tricked by kids?

Not yet,
Are you going to Halloween parties?

All my friends went to one that I wasn't invited to. Enquiries are ongoing and I am working to establish whether they just forgot or if they secretly dislike me

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