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Low motivation.

What are everyone's different ways of coping and pushing through a day in which they have very low motivation?
Original post by dobbyinabox
What are everyone's different ways of coping and pushing through a day in which they have very low motivation?

I think what works for you really depends on the situation and the reason for low motivation: is there something bothering you or are you just tired?
1. I think a useful thing to do is to set a "reward" for the end of the day: this is something I personally do a lot. For example, to motivate myself to get up in the morning, I prepare cookie dough, ready to get baked for a sweet treat. Something like a food or an episode of a favourite movie can serve as a motivating "reward".
2. Stay in a group of people. Often they can push you to keep going through the day, forcing you to study, etc or at least distract you from feeling low.
3. Move around. Switch your activities or location. E.g. if you are trying to study, don't sit in one place trying to drag yourself through a single subject.
4. Get a treat, e.g. a coffee or something sugary?
5. Take a break. Sometimes you need it, and a power nap might help (but proceed with caution).
6. Make sure you eat and sleep well, do not overwork yourself and pay attention to your mental health. If low motivation is a regular state, is it because you don't enjoy what you are doing, do not understand a certain subject (a frequent cause of low interest and motivation) or perhaps you constantly "undersleep"?

I hope these suggestions provide some ideas and you will find something that works for you.

Polina (LU Student Ambassador)
Hi, I've moved your thread to a more appropriate place in the forums.
Hmmmmmm, Living. Living is pushing through a stressful day. Understanding that nothing is permanent, having the will to be wrong and different each day but also knowing that you can be so much better than yesterday. Motivate yourself in a sense that allows you to feel like you are becoming the best version of yourself. Find something that intrigues you. Ask yourself questions, get involved with not just your community but yourself. Change someone's life, tell them something beautiful, tell yourself something beautiful. Learn to strive in fear but never fear to strive. Motivation is within, it is not an outside factor, it matters a great ordeal how you live. My primary advice is live beautifully and then will the motivation come to you. Be a wonderful person to yourself and that will motivate you to inspire others.Learn to love being alone and it will give you enough willpower to mingle with others.

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