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What support do you need with your GCSEs?


What additional support can TSR give you for your GCSEs

For everyone in Year 11 we are now firmly in the last year of your GCSEs and things are getting real!

Here at The Student Room we are always looking for new ways we can support and help students studying and revision.

We have our Year 11 chat thread to meet other students, our GCSE study groups to get that subject specific advice but we need your help to tell us what else we can be doing to support you!

Are you looking for new groups to connect with each other?

Do you need recommended resources rated by others?

Do you need support in motivation and procrastination?

What kind of conversation do you want to see on The Student Room? Please vote on the poll above and jot down your thoughts below. We need your help to help us help you. Help!

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Remembering where I put all those certificates years ago :wink:
Guys do you have an text predictions for edexcel?

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