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See tickets Fan-to-Fan.Your experiences?

Hello everyone! I apologize first of all for my English.
I'll be in England in May for a concert, this is my first time buying from and I'm a bit puzzled.
I purchased two tickets through Fan to Fan (the site's official resale service) since the event was almost sold out.I also paid a fair resale fee provided by the service.
At the time of purchase I was assigned an order number.
After a few days I received pdf of the tickets via e-mail from the seller:the tickets are in his name and with his order number.
I contacted support to ask if this is normal and they replied that yes, it's normal.
So the resale of the tickets doesn't involve changing the name etc.: it's equivalent to a sale between private individuals with only a pdf being sent.The ticket remains exactly the same.
Frankly I don't feel protected in this.The seller seemed trustworthy to me,but potentially with this system tickets can be sold indefinitely.
Traveling from Italy for this concert, the last thing I want is to have surprises at the entrance of the event.
I'm asking those of you who have experience with Fan to Fan if resale actually works this way and if you have ever had any problems.
Many many thanks!


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