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Top Tips for Interviews

As interview season is fast approaching, we thought it would be useful to give some advice to prepare you for your interview. :u:

Generic Interview Advice :bee:

Research your subject area which you have applied for (specifically look at the modules you could be studying)

What is your thought process behind applying for your chosen pathway?

What has inspired you?

Consider your appearance (even if it is a remote interview)

Time keeping (give yourself time to connect and log on or remember to arrive early for your interview, giving you time to find where you need to be)

Bring your photo ID with you.

Consider how you conduct yourself from the moment you have correspondence with CCCU (email etiquette)

Be appropriate (the interviewer does not need to know your life story or hear inappropriate language)

Tone of voice and eye contact (This is still important in a remote interview)

Interviews are a two-way process (have some questions prepared for the interviewer to show that you are keen)

Be aware of current affairs and issues in your chosen field.

Think of examples where you can demonstrate your values (part-time work, volunteering, school, family)

Specific Healthcare Interview Advice :dancing2:

Discuss Values Based Recruitment

Remember to mention NHS Constitution working together for patients, respect and dignity, everyone counts, commitment to quality of care, compassion, improving lives.

Link your transferrable skills to the 6 C’s: Care, commitment, compassion, competence, communication and courage.

Are you prepared for the practical elements of a career in Healthcare? Shift work, being on your feet all day, working with people with complex problems and long-term conditions, experiencing death.

Managing Interview Anxiety

Take your time, you don’t have to answer questions immediately.

Pause before answering and collect your thoughts (remember to take a sip of water)

If you worry about drawing a blank, take notes as everyone talks (this takes the focus off you and allows you to refer to your notes after a question has been asked)

Being well-prepared is a good anxiety reliever.

Research your potential university

Prepare answers to frequent questions (research Values Based Recruitment!)

If you are interested in finding out more of what to expect for your interview in a Health Course, feel free to watch this video: What To Expect At Your Interview For Health Courses At Canterbury Christ Church University - YouTube

Good Luck and remember you've got this! :smile:

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