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Uni Mythbusters: Being a student is an unhealthy lifestyle

Affordable Healthy Eating: Contrary to the belief that a healthy diet is expensive, students can eat well on a budget by utilising campus dining options that often offer nutritious meals at subsidised rates. Buying in bulk, choosing seasonal produce, and cooking with friends and flatmates can further reduce costs while enhancing the quality of their diet.

Gym Access: Most educational institutions provide free or discounted access to on-campus gyms and fitness facilities. These venues are equipped with a range of equipment and sometimes offer free classes, making it easier for students to incorporate physical activity into their routines without financial strain.

Societies and Clubs: Universities and colleges are bustling with societies and clubs that promote a healthy lifestyle. From running clubs and sports to wellness and yoga societies, these groups provide supportive communities for students to stay active and healthy, often at minimal or no cost.

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