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I don’t know what to do - Architecture

I’m an architecture student in my 2nd year. I took a gap year and I’ve finally returned back in full spirit. However it didn’t last long.

I took a gap year due my mother’s illness, sadly she passed away and I was so relieved that I took that year off for her. However, the year passes and I return back to uni and it feels dreadful. So many negativity happens in my life. First me and my family escaped from our abusive father, to then my dad coming back into our lives 10 years later.

My mum sadly passed away and my dad remarried a few months after. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry that he remarried, I’m angry that he didn’t tell his kids, I’m angry that he kept it as a secret, I’m upset that we found out by my auntie. But the thing js, since mum passed my dad moved back out, only after living with us for 4 months. He has a gambling issue and used our address (where me and my sibling currently reside) for his loans. It’s now turned into debt and there are debt collectors knocking on my home with a warrent.

This escalated with this and having time miss a few sessions and knowing architecture being heavily demanding. It’s alot of stress. My mums birthday is in a few days, 2nd birthday without here and now my dad isn’t actually being a dad. My stress with the workload isn’t helping at uni and I have a crit next week. I don’t know what To do. I’m not ready and I’m panicking. I’m weeks behind and it’s only semester 1. My mental health is shattering
Have you spoken to your university student support team? They might be able to refer you to counselling for your mental health to help you work through your grief and the way your dad has behaved. They might also be able to help you find an organisation that can help with sorting out the debts your dad has listed against your home.

It sounds like you’ve had a horrible time. Please ask your university and your gp for help. Your mum would want you to look after yourself.

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