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I want to drop a subject at a levels but my college won’t help me

Hi I’m currently studying at college and I picked 3 a levels one of them being film studies 💀. I didn’t want to pick it but because they no longer offered music a level, the film studies teacher told me I should pick it. My college had awful help for those who wanted to swap out of course within the autumn term, and my HOY didn’t even help me to get into another course. I physically cannot stand film studies so I asked my mum to ring the college they said to talk to the head of a levels I sent and email to him but he never got back (BEFORE HALF TERM). When I returned to college and had a meeting with safeguarding they said there was nothing they could do. I really hate film studies and to top it off film studies finishes at 17 and I live 1h 30 minutes away from my college so I have to get up really early so I need to get the most rest I can. I’ve been looking into swapping colleges but the college we contacted never got backed to us and I don’t want to move because I’m used to building, the teachers and I’ve made a few friends. However if I was to move college I would be 40 minutes away from college and I wouldn’t need to do film studies. I also struggle with my mental health and I’m with CAMHS so I don’t understand why my college won’t let me swap or drop.
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Hi, I've heard of people doing two subjects and then adding a third year to their A levels to do a third subject in what is essentially "year 14", but if you aren't at a fee paying school I'm not sure that they'd offer that. I think it depends on what your future goals are- if you want to go to uni, you definitely need three A levels, and it might be easier to push through with a subject you hate, than to pick up a new one when you've already missed more than half a term of the course. If you move college you probably wouldn't be starting until January in which case you'd have missed a fifth of the new course. I'd say if you have the flexibility to add a year onto your A levels, or you only want to do two, then do what you can to drop the subject; but if going to uni (especially a competitive uni) matters to you, stay where you are and try to do alright at film studies with minimal work.

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