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Should I factor in AI when chosing a university degree?

I am in yr 11 and I am currently studying Computer science a level, maths, Spanish and a media Btec. I really enjoy programming but I am sort of worried about jobs being lost to ai and if there is a more secure job to do with programming that has less chance of ai being able to take over. Maybe a more creative job which an ai would struggle more to do + i also enjoy the creative aspect of designing buttons or webpages aswell as creating them. I would not like a freelancer job where i do odd jobs i 100% want a stable job with a yearly income.

Are my AI worries justified or completely irrational?
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id say irrational, if it takes programming jobs, it'll take basically any management and mathematical job. I imagine there may be some issues and protests in the future, but worst case the only job that is safe; is programming AI itself xD

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