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Postgraduate Support: What To Look For...


How are we?

As a previous postgraduate student myself, I think a big factor in choosing a degree to study was researching the support available at my chosen University!

Alongside this there are multiple factors I personally considered when studying at PG level:

...To name just a few!

As I was eligible for a PG Loan, this was the main form of funding my studies and this was also the case during my undergrad.

The PG Loan however didn't cover everything, so I had employment alongside this for 20-30 hours a week to help support myself (rent!). Mind you, depending on your employer, or other circumstances, some people can maintain a full-time job and have their masters funded by their employer, or juggle a full time job with PG study commitments - everyone is different! :u:

I chose, for financial reasons and partially due to COVID, to relocate to a cheaper city (Sheffield) for my studies and to commute via train to my in-person timetabled sessions when COVID restrictions were lifted.

The biggest tool I had for this was a 16-25 Railcard which definitely helped me to afford the trains to and from when I did have to travel. This is something I'd definitely recommend if you are thinking about commuting, or are a commuting student looking for an alternative!

There are also (though this sadly wasn't the case for me) cheaper annual tickets/passes you can purchase for short-distance commutes. It's best to shop around train companies for this! :train:

A major factor for me! The programme that I wanted to study, within the discipline of English Literature, was unique to that University and wasn't offered elsewhere within feasible commuting distance! It definitely helped narrowing down my choices and options - if this is something you may be struggling with it might be best to look for a specialism in your field :biggrin:

I loved my University that I completed my undergraduate degree at so much that I had to look into PG options. The support from my Academic Tutors, the Wellbeing team and facilities, opportunities such as Study Abroad, and the Careers Hub and campus environment was best suited to me.

A benefit of staying at the same University, especially for me, was a tuition fee discount on my PG programme of choice as well as knowing the academics and faculty that I would be completing further study with! :smartass:

Of course there are benefits to moving to a new environment, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, or experiencing a different way of student life. This is for some, not for others, and can depend on a lot of factors but ultimately it should be a choice individual to you.

--- Well, that's me!

What factors are most important to you? Additions and thoughts are very welcome! What was/is your experience?
Have you applied for a postgraduate programme? Graduated from a PG course?

Any questions, fire away :headfire:, and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

- Rose:rose:, De Montfort University Rep.
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