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Struggling to find an entry level job

I have finished Sixth Form earlier this year in the summer, and I have been properly applying for jobs since August and I keep getting declined by companies with practically no feedback being given. There is only 1 job where I have reached to the interview stage which was for station support with LNER (a rail company). This was actually the first job I applied for all the way back in May as my long term goal is to work in the rail industry and was interested in the results. I was very suprised I got to the interview stage but I feel like my confidence wasn't strong enough and also the fact I mentioned I can't do very early and late shifts due to no transport.

Currently I'm looking for part time work (not full time to help me get used to practically doing nothing to having a job) in customer service to help me gain additional work experience and confidence for when I will be trying to apply for jobs within the rail industry. The jobs would also help me get the money I need for driving lessons and a car to be able to go to work for the very early and late shifts. The issue is however that I have not had a single success with an application after when I applied for station support with LNER. My applications for entry level jobs where work experience isn't required keep getting declined and I don't know why. I may not have proper work experience but I have done the Springpod LNER virtual experience course and I also did practical work in my business course during Sixth Form, where I also mention I got practical customer service skills in my CV. I'm not really sure what to do right now as it's soon going to be December and I still didn't even get to the interview stage for any job. My parents are recommending me to go to the local JobCentre plus but I don't know if that'll help me and the Google reviews are quite poor as well.

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