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Warwick University vs Bristol University Scholarships

I am a senior from a 3rd world country interested in applying to Warwick with the Warwick Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship, and Bristol with the Think Big undergraduate scholarship. If I receive the respective scholarships, I can attend a university in the UK, if I don't I cant, which is why resorted to ask here.

I have the following academic stats:
- 7 IGCSE A* (Math, Bio, Chem, Phys, Arabic as a 1st language, English as a 2nd language and ICT)
- "Best across 7 IGCSE subjects" award
- Highest mark in both IGCSE chemistry and biology in my country
- Highest mark in the world for ICGSE Mathematics
- Cambridge A level mathematics (self-studied with my O level and I wrote it the following session -> A*)
- Cambridge A level further mathematics (self-studied and I wrote with my AS levels -> A*)
- EDEXCEL Physics, Chemistry Mathematics (Yes, again) and Arabic -> Predicted A* for the 4
- Wrote a Further Mathematics book and will potentially be published with Cambridge International Assessment and Resources
- Online Studysheet repository (free) for A level mathematics and low cost tuition

- Taekwondo for 13 years, 4th degree black belt, junior coach, prepped over 30 kids for black belt tests
- More stuff that I won't waste your time in

Do I have a good chance for the Warwick scholarship? Or should I play it safer with Bristol? Intended major is mathematics with statistics Masters track

Thank you so much!
What mark you get on igcse biology to get top in your country and which country did you sit ur exams is ?
Also which board did u sit ur biology igcse with.
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick

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