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early bird catches the worm: A thread to force myself up and teach myself discipline!

this might be bs but I really wanna start going on early walks🤭always been an anxious person so leaving my comfort zone has never been my number 1 priority. I have a job that requires me to wake up as early as 5 so I think I might be able to force myself up. Any tips?

I was thinking of exercising too but idk I feel like people might be looking (but ofc I’ll force meselff). I’m exciteddd

Mini goals:
Early nights ofcc (thinking 9/10)
A real quick shower
1.5mile speed walk
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good luck! 🙂
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Original post by black tea
good luck! 🙂

Thank you!!

Update: I have work today so I had to wake up early. Good practice for the upcoming days. I’ll also be taking my Fitbit with me to see how many miles I’ve walked
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It won’t be 1.5 miles. It’ll be much more. Turns out 1.5 miles is less than half an hour

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