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exam pressure

i have so much exam pressure it gives sometimes anxiety my exam is in last of jan btw
Hi, sorry that you're feeling this way, exams can be extremely stressful and give us a lot of anxiety. Luckily you still have time before jan and especially over the holidays to revise. Have you started revision and what have you found that's worked for you so far? I find it useful when revising to make lists of everything I need to do and allocate time each day to get it done. It's also worth prioritising your hardest subject first so you get it done and can more onto subjects you enjoy more. It's also useful to use the pomodoro technique (25 mins focused revision & 5 min break & 25 mins of focused revision again) to revise and to split your time between a few hours of revision each day but also to take time to exercise, see your friends and continue with your hobbies so you don't burn out. Hope this helps!

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