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I think I failed my Oxford interview

I had a philosophy interview and the tutor taught me a new concept using new symbols and I really struggled to pick it up, I kept making mistakes even with guidance. It really threw me off for the physics one afterwards as well and again I made silly mistakes but I was at least able to correct myself.
The other interview I did went well, but I feel like I really failed.
I have 2 more at a different college. Do you think I can turn it around?
I appreciate it's easy for me to say (as an Oxford alumna) and harder for you to believe, but please don't worry! Some tutors throw you in the deep end, just to see what happens. In those situations, they almost certainly expect you to make mistakes, but they just want to see how you adapt to new information, etc.

It sounds like you persevered and kept trying to understand and follow, which is the main thing! :h: So hold your head high and just focus on keeping calm and collected for the next interviews. You have extra chances to improve and to prove yourself, and now you have an idea of what the interviews are like and how to handle them. There's still everything to play for!

Also note that you are not the best judge of how your interview performance was 😉 So just keep putting your best foot forward :smile:

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