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Chemistry into finance

Im studying BSc Chemistry (2nd Year) and was initially looking into a career in chemistry but the more i do this degree, i realise its not what i want to do in the future However i do not want to close my options and am still completing my degree. I hear chem grads often go into the finance industry and was interested in this. Does having a chem degree put me in a disadvantage to the other candidates with finance degrees? Also how can I prep myself for this industry? Is doing a finance graduate scheme worthwhile? I am applying for finance internship but I worry my lack of finance work experience isn’t going to help me. Is volunteering for finance start ups a good idea?
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Hi, not at all. I did my degree in Chemistry and then went on to do a placement year at one of the big4 in Audit. A few of my coursemates have gone onto investment banking too. Chemistry is a very difficult subject and as such is an in demand degree for many jobs including finance. I'd suggest applying to internships and placement years as majority of employers do not care if you have any experience you get trained on the job.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any more questions
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