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I applied to do Maths,Physics and Comp Sci at my local college and have just received my GCSEs. I achieved a grades 8,9,7. I’m not particularly passionate about any career however I did plan on potentially studying Computer science at uni because of the current demand and high starting salary. As I only achieved grade 7 in GCSE CS (My lowest grade) I am having second thoughts.

I am thinking of replacing CS with either Chemistry, which I did well in at GCSE level and would allow me to go into the field of engineering or Economics(Which would probably be easier and I am open to the idea of a career in finance). I am not against the idea of still doing CS, it is just that it feels like I’m not competent enough to do CS at A-Level as my worst grade was CS at GCSE.

I know that if I had passion for a specific career path this decision would be a lot easier however I simply do not.
I would rlly appreciate some input or some general advice to point me in the right direction.
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Good careers site with thousands of career / job profiles etc -

At this stage its more important that you think about doing a degree subject that you will enjoy studying rather than focussing on what graduate career you might end up with. Btw, Maths is far more important than CS when applying for any degree that include CS - most dont actually require an A level in CS which might surprise you.

If you are interested in CS & Econ, look at FinTech -
or for a relevant Maths degree -
or Chemistry with Maths
or Chemistry with Management -
or Natural Sciences (a multi-disciplinary science/tech) degree -

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