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Hi I am currently on a PGCE course and in my second placement, I will finish in June / July time although currently I’m not enjoying it very much, I’m struggling having confidence carrying out teaching and behaviour management of the class I’m in and my general happiness levels have dipped a lot since beginning. I keep getting advice to stick it out because I moved to the UK for my uni and have went under a lot of time and expense for it although I’m always thinking of wanting to drop out because I know teaching will increase significantly after Christmas. Can anyone advise me on this? I am in frequent communication with my classroom mentor who has been in the job 20* years and has no problem in raising her voice to settle the class although I am trying to follow through with her techniques. I’m just sick of all the downsides of it
Hi, im sorry to hear of this situation, if I was to guess - are you teaching high school students?

Regarding your current position, sadly if you are unhappy now, it is fair to presume it will not improve, no much how much you stick it out. Whilst its not bad advice, sticking it out can work, but only you can know this. If you do not think you are person who have discipline - you have two choices 1. either practice it 2. or think about something else.

But, please do not force yourself to do something you know will make you unhappy in the future, it really isnt worth it. Yes you may feel like a "failure" in the short term if you drop out (just fyi it doesnt make you a failure) but its a million times better to live with a temp feeling like that vs the alternative.

I suggest you sit down, write some pros and cons, your current skill set and how and if you can improve it to include the new requirements.
Hello again, this is a question I created however I had to make a new account. I am teaching primary school children. Yes my main priority for sticking with the course is using it to travel in the future however, something I could achieve with a TEFL course which wouldn’t be as demanding. I’m just really worried of the implications of giving it up eg. Financially. Yes I think that is quite good advice, thank you

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